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    * The boarding and disembarking points will be determined based on the itinerary and will be communicated to you a few days before the start of program

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    Extended child care with extra cost 15.30 με 17.30


    Pick up guardian should have ID.

    You will be notified by email for the weekly schedule in advance. In case you need anything further, please contact us at 2102799200 or 6956208669.


    With this application you confirm, always with the doctor's written approval, that the child can safely participate in the program.*

    By filling in this form, you agree to provide your information in order to register for the program*.
    Please confirm that you agree to receive updates from Niriides about our news, emergency program changes and new programs*.
    With complete respect to you personal data we only use necessary information with your consent. όρους και την πολιτική μας.
    In case you need additional information / clarification please contact us.

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